The Chesterfield League News

Well what a hot, hot, hot and firey Spring 2018 for our Chesterfilians! We have witnessed some fantastic netball with some triumphant highs and some 'sad to be leaving' lows! I guess it comes with the territory of a passion fuelled, highly contested, top sport - NETBALL!

We have had a great battle of the beasts for top spots in both divisions. Nemesis v nemesis, throwing down the gauntlet and accepting the challenge every time! Some old faces make a return up and down in both divisions, all welcomed back with confidence and excitment! 

So, returning to reclaim their fateful title of The League - Chesterfield Division 1 Champions are the mighty, undefeated and ever derserving Warriors, rocketing into first place with a spotless season. Chasing their every move, also with the desire to lead, sending shivers down the Warrior's spines, are our go getters from Calow, tearing up the court, confident in their Runners Up position, leaving the competition knowing they're coming back with fire in their belly's next season. Big congrats to all teams in Division 1, fabulously competetive with exemplary sporstmanship :)

In Chesterfield Division 2, what a great fight for the top two spots! Untied, a bunch of fabulous girls who play some beautiful netball together - it's a pleasure to watch and umpire. United by name and united by nature, storm into pole position snatching the Chesterfield Division 2 title from the rest of the pack! Again, the rebound of the battle for 'Runners Up' returned, with the Hawks and the Underdogs leaving it too close to call. Both quality squads full of cracking girls, however the unrelenting Hawks swooped in and snatched the promotion :) Both teams will be missed in Div 2 but are merrily welcomed back into Div 1!

Division 1 Player of the Season - Rachel Gilbert of Brampton and what a pleasure it is to hear how she has blossomed with confidence, leaving no ball safe, with those velcro hands! Massive congratulations Rach - You really deserve it :)

Division 2 Player of the Season - Evie Bulloch of Phoenix B, what a player with a fantastic attitude, an amazing defender intercepting left, right and centre :)

What a fantastic season ladies and here's to another; life, love, netball <3

1 week 2 days ago
A new The League Back to Netball Division. This is aimed at mainly back to netball teams...
6 weeks 4 days ago
What a season..What a summer! Soo competitive..Great matches..Great play..Great Netball.....
7 weeks 22 hours ago
Well what a hot, hot, hot and firey Spring 2018 for our Chesterfilians! We have witnessed...
11 weeks 5 hours ago
2.1 Single players who are not registered to a specific team may register as a pool...