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WOW, well the Chesterfield Winter 2017 divisions have seen some great changes this season, and here at The League we are really grateful of how supportive and encouraging teams and players alike have been. We now have some energetically pumped weekly netball, Division 1 playing at Netherthorpe and Division 2 playing at Killamarsh, both superbly competitive! 

We have had some momentous winners and runners up in both divisions, some record breaking, whereas others making their biggest come-back to date :)

So, The League - Chesterfield Division 1 champions are the ruthless, lionesses on a mission - the Warriors, cracking the whip into first place. Chomping at their feet though, is one of the founding members of the good old Chezzy league, winning the title back in the day, and fighting each season since, however always just missing the top spot. Ah, but no longer, because our bunch of talented, smiley and always such fun - Jesters, have returned to take the glory with the tightest run for many years, winning by goal difference to take the Runners Up position in the highly contested league. Big congrats girls!

In Chesterfield Division 2, what a great fight for the top two spots! GK, a new contender smashed through the season remaining undefeated. A lovely squad of all ages, working together to show what netball is really about! GK congratulations on winning division 2 and we hope you continue your great success! Now the real battle was for the runners up position, with Dronfield Ladies and United leaving it too close to call. Both quality squads full of cracking girls, however the chirping birds from Dronnie dug deep and snatched the promotion, still managing to crack a joke or two :) You'll be missed in div 2 girls but are happily welcomed back into div 1!

Division 1 Player of the Season - Laura Marshall of Calow and a well deserved title too, someone who has progressed and progressed and now works that d like a queen!

Division 2 Player of the Season - Holly Munday of Misfits, what a player with a fantastic attitude, always working her bottom off turning balls, left, right and centre :)

What a fantastic season ladies and here's to another; life, love, netball <3

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WOW, well the Chesterfield Winter 2017 divisions have seen some great changes this season...
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